I’m skipping AoD 2015.

I will not be going to AoD this year. First time skipping after four years of consecutive attendence. I’m getting to the point where con experiences all start to feel same-ish, with the same lack of things for me to do.

I will, however, turn up for Cherry Blossom Festival as usual, and hopefully Fanime and AX. Touhoucon is on my bucket list, and MAGFest is currently my "dream" convention.

I’m starting to shift more towards fandom-specific and gaming cons, basically. Me being a "game fan first and anime fan second" is part of why small, general-interest cons don’t really have that much charm for me these days.


AX 2015: My last AX for a while?

Next year will probably be my last AX in a row o<-< I like seeing long-distance friends but it’s so costly to attend and I want to save for other cons like Sakura-Con and MAGFest.

I just wish that Fanime, which I’ve had an unbroken attendence streak for since 2006, had incentives for my out-of-state friends to go. It doesn’t help that because it’s only a little over a month before AX, it ends up being a “choose one or the other” dilemma, and most of said friends will always choose AX due to the much better programming, industry presence, and dealer’s hall; Fanime is just a fan-run convention with lower-tier guests and almost nothing that attendees can’t also do or get at AX.