“Real” Feminism

If you’re male, just like me, you do NOT get to dicatate what “real” feminism is.

Yes, there are people who say some uncomfortable things in the name of feminism. Yes, it can be a sucky feeling. But try to put yourself in their shoes, to imagine what it’s like to be met with prejudice that is in favor of the opposite gender and at the expense of one’s own gender on a daily basis, something that I’m sure is far more of a hassle than “x person talked about men who cause problems to women”.

Not everything is about you and your feelings. Don’t just dismiss a socially progressive idea just because it makes you feel a little bothered.


One thought on ““Real” Feminism

  1. RegalSin says:

    Well the reality is sad about feminism. Feminism is basically about educated European ( white ) women with almost nothing to do in there lives at all. Think of it like Roller Derby but instead of sport they get together for the sake of this things called feminism. It is basically a woman attempting to find something to do asides for stroking her cat all day long while she is waiting for her man to come home.

    Go watch “The Help” right now and see what feminist are really. However it gets worst with our current trending of feminism we have created self hating non-European women alongside lesbians. We have something called womanism which is “women worshiping women”.

    So bear in mind the difference between the two. Womanism and feminism. They are very different. A good chance your dating or having sex with an American woman she is most likely considering studying feminism.

    You want to stop it? Then get a good job and do not use any of that money to worship women in anyway at all. Buy buying stuff you are giving your money to women ( the hoar AKA that rides on top of capitalism ). At some point that money will go into her hands. Boycott and be vigilant of the law.

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