Much as I dislike social justice advocates who take it too far (e.g. "die cis scum", "lol straight men don’t exist", etc.), the anti-SJW scene pisses me off as much sometimes, if not more; "anti-feminism, pro-equality" blogs are one such example of this sort of trash. Like, fucking whatever…just treat everyone with respect and kindness to the best of your abilities, stand up for oppressed and weakened people, etc.

Take feminism, for example: If you think the point of feminism is to harm men rather than to call the inequality between the genders to attention, then please look at the movement as a whole, not just female supremacists who think they’re feminists. Yes, men face issues as well (e.g. the acceptance of F-on-M abuse in contrast to attitudes towards the reverse, etc.) but those issues shouldn’t be brought up when the current subject is the rights and treatment of women.

SJWs suck, but a lot of anti-SJWs suck too. Throw them into DPRK-style reeducation camps or something please.


One thought on “Justice

  1. - says:

    Someone doesn’t agree with your opinion and you want them thrown in reeducation camps?
    No wonder people are skeptic of feminism.

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