“Don’t change yourself for anyone.”

I kind of agree? But, well…

On one hand, you shouldn’t make yourself into someone you don’t want to be for the sake of somebody, whether it be a friend or someone you love.

On the other hand, don’t use this sort of philosophy as an excuse to not improve yourself as a person.

Be the person you want to be and those who are truly by your side will accept you, but learn from whatever mistakes you make, especially if those lessons help you with striving for the former.

Let’s go on a date…or not.

It seems like the term “date” has become twisted over time.

A “date” could just mean a social outing between two or more people of any sort–it could be family, friends, or lovers. But it seems like the term now refers to specifically romantic dates, and so I could say “I’m going on a date with (my family|my best friend|my classmate|etc.)” and it would raise a lot more alarms than it should.

This perhaps explains why there is so much controversy over the ending of Kill la Kill, for example. In the ending, one character insists to another character–one of the same gender–that they go on a date, which happens. You have some people asserting that the two characters have become lovers, and some others asserting that they’re BFFs and nothing more.