So in an effort to clear out a high volume of usual life stresses and at the recommendation of a friend, I decided that today, I was just going to kick real life responsibilities in the butt for now and spend the day at Sunnyvale Golfland playing otoge.

SVGL finally upgraded its DDR cabinet to DanceDanceRevolution (2013), the current game in the series. Huge swath of content, even without an eAMUSEMENT PASS, and now counts Goods towards combo. It’s strange continuing a combo after a Good, but eh, it’s no big deal since the game still recognizes GrFCs and Goods still add nothing to score. Also on top with updates, as it has the songs from the BEMANI Stadium event (squeeze venus), that cross-over-every-active-BEMANI-series event that I honestly don’t care about, at least as much compared to BEMANI Academy. Played Wow Wow VENUS three times and Right on time (Ryu☆Remix) twice throughout the day because I’m a terrible person.

All I wanted was A-TTEN-TIONOn SPADA, I alternated between DP and SP, taking advantage of the mid-credit mode changer. I learned the hard way that older DP charts are simply not designed for DP so much as 2-player non-Battle. Also re-established myself as 6th Dan, so I can play 9’s on stage 1 again. Was going to have a go at 7th Dan about 10 minutes before the arcade closed, until I realized I had used up all my credits. Also learned that my timing has taken a huge fall from grace–I trailed by best on bit mania [SPA] by at least 360 EX, for instance.

SP六段もう一度なった!Also, between turns, I decided to check on my Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate stuff. My friend, your team had one job.

Last but not least, Safeway Club Card sandwich + soup deal for $5 after 5 PM is godlike; consider taking advantage of it at the Safeway just down the street from SVGL if you need a nearby bite. And remember, attention service desk: 201.


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