Just for fun: Songs that could be played on three or more games at once at SVGL

Playable on DDR 2013, SPADA, and Sunny Park:

  • All BEMANI Academy songs
  • Blind Justice ~Torn souls, Hurt Faiths~ *
  • Colors *
  • MOON *
  • murmur twins *
  • Pink Rose *
  • smooooch・∀・
  • True Blue
  • V *

* — However, the DDR version is shorter and would probably require DDR players to start late at best (i.e. shortened intro) and not work at worst (middle or end is cut).
^ — In a sense. pop’n uses a rock arrange, but it is 1:1 so it works. However, the length problem still holds.
$ — GOLD RUSH has two extra versions on DDR and a replacement version in pop’n, but they only change the vocals in the middle part.

Could be playable, but one game or another is missing updates:

  • All BEMANI Stadium songs — missing BEMANI Stadium update on Sunny Park

Playable on DDR’13, SPADA, Sunny Park, AND knit:

  • I’m So Happy
  • 凛として(ry
  • SigSig

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