(Potentially NSFW? Read at your own risk. ;) )

Jozdrumz: o<-< why is it so hot in here i’m dying
Jozdrumz: put_snow_in_jakarta

Jozdrumz: if going out, add jacket
Raydere: > jacket > seasia weather
Jozdrumz: but i look cool with a jacket (´・ω・`)
Raydere: then you melt
Jozdrumz: /cool/
Raydere: BAD

Jozdrumz: actually i’m turning off the stream
Jozdrumz: so i can play IIDX naked
razer922: obligatory “2dicks”
i do that all the time at home w
Joz: peter “2dicks” mendres

Raydere: I played Pump in underwear once at home and that is not an experience I’m repeating again.
Jozdrumz: >dancing games >naked
Jozdrumz: d!ck.

Jozdrumz: i’m playing IIDX naked
Jozdrumz: at least i’m not playing dance games naked
Jozdrumz: at least when you play IIDX you don’t jump up and down resulting in your d!ck doing whatever
oumuraisu_: cant unimagine
yuriroke: i’m seeing dickcopters fuck
Jozdrumz: you can thank atRaydere for that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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