Cosplay and Contact

So on one of my social feeds, I happened upon this image macro:

My thoughts on this:

Social network friends don’t necessarily mean actual friends, just as there’s the argument that not being SNS friends =/= not being IRL friends. I just add people as my way of keeping track of who I meet at cons; actual friendship development comes later and at my discretion.

Plus, as someone said, there’s a buttload of people in the cosplay community (last weekend’s NorCal Gathering had over 550 attendees, to put it in perspective), so it can be difficult to remember everyone’s faces, especially when some people are difficult to recognize in cosplay; I’ve been talking to one of my friends on here for 2 1/2 years, but I never talk to them in person because I can’t recognize them. (Though as someone else pointed out, I should probably change this.)


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