The New Start

I’ve decided to switch back to WP for my traditional blogging needs. It is a bit slow, but it has a lot of what I need to run a personal blog, unlike a certain other blog network.

But I don’t want to just fill my blog with housekeeping stuff, so I suppose I’ll write about other things here.

So for a certain ~1.5-month ritual, I decided to give up my C:\games folder up. Not necessarily out of reasons pertaining to my belief system, but more as a way to get myself to be more productive. It hasn’t worked out that well so far, but at least it’s one less distraction. I still play silly web games from time to time, such as Anti-Idle: The Game, an “idle game” similar to Cookie Clicker and Kaguya Table, except comprised of many smaller mini-games that contribute to the player’s resources. I decided upon this 5-year-old game because it’s surprisingly fun as a simple time-waster, and it doesn’t have “make you shit your pants out of fucking nowhere” surprises like Cookie Clicker does, at least any that I know so far. It’s partly an idle game because the player gains resources over time, but it’s also kind of not at the same time because of the various features that require the player’s input.

Another topic that’s come to my mind is cosplay. I feel like I’m in a slump again, not really passionate about it and not really wanting to get very involved in the cosplay community as much as before. That said, I’m still attending the NorCal Spring Cosplay Gathering tomorrow, cosplaying as the male protagonist of Persona 3 so I don’t have to do tedious things like asking to change at someone’s house (as my mom forbids me from putting on or changing out of my female cosplays at home), put on makeup, etc. Mostly I’m going into this gathering with low enough expectations that I don’t disappoint myself, but just enough that I care to go.

Real world? My classes are going okay so far, to say the least. A few of my assignments for my Operating Systems class require me to use C/C++, and for that I just boot into Linux (Mint 16) because god dammit programming in C/C++ in Windows is annoying; meanwhile all I have to do to be able to compile in those languages on Linux is a single command, or a single command preceded by a one-time install command (as g++ isn’t installed by default on Mint). Besides, one non-trivial assignment so far has explicitly required Linux (an assignment that uses pthreads, which is not available in Windows), so I might as well adapt to this new environment. I’m slowly getting the hang of using Linux, even if it has its problems, partly due to things being done differently and many applications I use not being natively Linux-compatible; I could use WINE and Mono for some of these applications (an acquaintance of mine uses Linux, but is able to get the Windows-only, .NET-requiring OpenTween Twitter client running via Mono), but it’s no guarantee that things wll work out. I’m also retaking my Formal Languages and Finite Automata class, and it’s much easier this time around, partly because I actually do my homework for a change, partly because I’m already familiar with much of the material. This is evident with my scores on the “mini-exams” (which are something between the traditional concept of quizzes and exams); in the three mini-exams I’ve taken so far, I’ve only missed a single question out of 15 total. My Software Project class is kinda eh, but at least I’m not taking Advanced Graphics again; that class builds upon a previous class I took in 2011 and struggled dearly with, and I figured that I’m pretty much hopeless in that class, which was the only other class I could take in place of Software Project and graduate on time.

The semester ends in about 2 1/2 months, so I need to take care of finding a job soon. After all I won’t be in uni anymore at that point, so there’ll be absolutly no excuse to not have a job, even retail jobs. (Rag on retail all you want, but until I secure a more permanent job, I’d rather be in retail than a NEET.)

That’s all for this blog’s maiden post. Don’t expect 250 posts per day; the point of this blog is to get out my longer thoughts in a space where things aren’t so cluttered.


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